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Podcast Conversations with Tom Cowan, MD & Friend with Justin Frandson

  • 2 min read

What a way to kick off the New Year being invited to speak on Tom Cowan. MD’s podcast. Tom, as he asked me to call him by his first name, went viral in March 2020 with a 9 minute video. He said that we produce a virus ourselves, it is our adaptive system. Viruses are dead proteins, so there is nothing flying around to kill people. We just adapt when we need to. He sited the book, The Invisible Rainbow, by Author Firstenberg categorizing all the major pandemics in our history and directly correlating them to increased shifts in our electromagnetic atmosphere with either cosmic shifts the waves or particles or man-made shifts in electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). Our current environmental shift is through our atmosphere, as a dolphins would be in the ocean. He used the analogy that when dolphins get sick, the first question is, “who polluted the water”.

In 1918 the introduction of radio waves brought the Spanish Flu. The Hong Kong Flu arrived with the introduction of satellites in our protective Van Allen belt. Next, was the introduction to radio waves on a grand scale to plant earth at the time of WWII. All the pandemics prior to this were from cosmic shifts in the atmosphere. This is the only rational way to explain how all so many parts of the world all get the same symptoms at the same time, especially when they were weeks apart in travel times back then.

Guess where the first major rollout of 5G occurred? Wuhan. Tom’s 9 minute video is reaching close to 4 million views, even though his entire channel and our video was erased from youtube this month. Medical Doctors from all around the world are calling me to find solutions to this unprecedented rollout of man-made radiation. The simple answer it to get Grounded By Nature and yes, using our Grounding Bags.

Please watch our video linked above to give you even more details on converting your SMART Meter to analog, putting all devices on airplane mode, getting barefoot and using our Grounding Bags. Thank you Tom for your strong voice in sharing more on Physics, biology and recommending our Grounding Bags as your quantum, organic solution to the polarizing effects of man-made EMF or radiation. We know you love our Grounding Bags because we hand-mine crystals straight from the purest source of the earth, so it is not another man-made device attempting to keep up with the other man-made levels.