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The ATHLETICISM Sports Performance is the track based speed & movement system, with a foundation of flexible, joint stability, and nerve health.

EPIC-T™ Testosterone Optimizer

All Natural / GMO-Free

This is an all-natural synthetics. The main ingredient is a root.

Are you looking to boost your Testosterone? We have the answer, and you do not need synthetic hormone replacement.

The easiest way to describe what we feel is that it naturally allows your system to work by not allowing the things that inhibit it. And it does it all naturally.

  • You will continue to produce Testosterone (T).
  • You will not have an estrogen overload with rashes and hard nipples.
  • Your male genitals do not shrink.
  • You will naturally start producing more T over time.
  • Men and Women both benefit from Epic-T.

Tribulus, Deer Antler (Lu Rong), Long Jack, and others will help for a minute, but this is the most effective long-term, natural approach to helping normalize your T levels.

You will experience more sustained, consistent energy.

One capsule/day is a 2-month supply.

Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) is a plant that grows in cold parts of Europe and Asia. The root has a long history of use in traditional medicine.

Rhodiola is considered an adaptogen. Adaptogens are a class of natural substances that are believed to stimulate the body's resistance to physical, environmental, and emotional stressors. Rhodiola extract may help protect cells from damage and regulate heartbeat.

What Is Testosurge® In Epic-T™?

MOA: Increases Bioavailable, Total, and Free Testosterone Levels by increasing steroidogenesis, competitively binding to SHBG, and Aromatase & 5α-reductase Inhibition.

Testosurge® is a natural, highly standardized ingredient proven in clinical studies to significantly increase total and biologically active free Testosterone. It is designed for products that boost Testosterone, increase performance, and support healthy sexual function.

  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Works on the first dose
  • Backed by published clinical studies
  • Highly standardized for accurate dosing
  • Water-soluble, Halal, Kosher, Vegan

Testosterone Level Stats

  • Low T levels are harmful in all aspects, including physical, cognitive, and social.
  • Over 38% of men above 40 have testosterone levels below 300 ng/dl
  • Over 30% of overweight men have Testosterone Deficiency
  • Women with low testosterone levels may suffer from decreased ovarian function and bone strength
  • Above 80 years old, more than 50% of men have testosterone levels below 300 ng/dl
  • Birth control pills may lead to testosterone deficiency in women
  • Symptoms of low T-levels in women may include tiredness, poor concentration, and low mood
  • Metabolic Syndrome (diabetic connection) As far as diabetes patients go, up to 24% of men have low testosterone levels


You can start with one capsule/day and have the bottle last for two months. 
For someone over 50 and with Testosterone below 350, we use 3/day. We take 1 in the am and 2 in the pm.

Human Clinical Study 1

Effects of Testosurge® supplementation on strength, body composition, and hormonal profiles during an 8-week resistance training program.

Outcome: 500 mg of daily Testosurge® supplementation significantly impacted Body Fat Percentage, Total Testosterone, and Bioavailable Testosterone.

Some studies suggest that Rhodiola rosea may help reduce cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can negatively affect testosterone levels. Epic-T contains the highest-quality Rhodiola rosea available.

Rhodiola may impact neurotransmitter levels by achieving a relaxed, awakened state and increasing mental stamina and performance.

Modulating serotonin levels may contribute to the herb's reported mood-enhancing properties.

Researchers have found that Rhodiola stimulates dopamine receptors and inhibits the enzymes that break it down.

Rhodiola rosea may contribute to its adaptogenic effects by modulating norepinephrine, helping the body cope with stress.

Some studies suggest that Rhodiola rosea's adaptogenic and stress-reducing effects may indirectly contribute to maintaining optimal testosterone levels.

There is some evidence that Rhodiola rosea may influence thyroid function and hormones. It has been suggested that it may stimulate thyroid activity, potentially contributing to improved energy and metabolism.