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The ATHLETICISM Sports Performance is the track based speed & movement system, with a foundation of flexible, joint stability, and nerve health.


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Wow, this 3-minute clip of John Cook, one of the most respected and successful PGA golfer’s is a must-listen for any athlete looking to gain a competitive advantage. He shares his story about turning 50. At age 49, he started the year playing at the top of his game, then his body fell apart. His long-time friend and golf coach Jamie Mulligan out of Virginia Country Club in Long Beach, CA referred him to the legendary beach doc, Tim Brown, DC. Dr. Tim can see through you and remap your body. He felt Cook would benefit from our ATHLETICISM programs and referred him to work with Justin Frandson, the founder of ATHLETICISM, to compliment body re-mapping with the exceptional whole body, whole brain exercises. Within 6 weeks of Cook working with both Dr. Tim and Justin, he won his first tournament in 10 years and continued to win a couple each year for the next handful of years.

Cook goes on to say, “At 49 he put me to work and it was grueling.” John Cook

For anyone looking to see tangible results instantly from ATHLETICISM, this story is proof. No matter your age, or sport, our program will take your performance to a new dimension. Cook shares how it prolonged his career when he thought it was coming to a screeching halt. He ended up placing in the top 5 on the PGA Champions Tour for the next several years. Those several years turned out to be some of the most successful throughout his entire career. John Cook is considered and respected as one of the greatest sportsmen of our era. We want to thank him for sharing his story, as so many of our athletes want to keep their family and path to success a secret. If you do not know him, you can put a face to his voice and find Cook broadcasting on the PGA Golf Channel.

“Justin was golf specific and helped me get back into my natural movements.” John Cook.


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