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The ATHLETICISM Sports Performance is the track based speed & movement system, with a foundation of flexible, joint stability, and nerve health.


In early 1998, Justin Frandson read an article in the newspaper about one of the greatest pioneers of Sports Performance, Dean Brittenham at Scripps Clinic, La Jolla California, making athletes better athletes through the most creative approaches. The article raved about the track-based speed and power program with stretching, coordination drills, ambidexterity, balance, strength, and more. Justin visited the prestigious location, and started his passion and gifts of facilitating athletic development with athletes and teams of all ages and levels. The article spoke of high school  athletes becoming D1 athletes and D1 athletes turning pro. Justin's past and current clientele list consists of many of the highest ranked professional athletes in the US. He has recently rolled out numerous successful products to compliment this incredible program. Whether you pick up his ATHLETICISM book, MCT Palm Oil, Grounding Bags, JumpBand or do his program, your performance and health will exponentially improve. His creative approach garners longevity, and fun with undeniable results.

The results are instant and tangible in every athlete, no matter their sport. The workouts take even the best athletes in the world out of their coordination comfort zone, to develop more neuroplasticity, in-turn developing more pathways from the brain to the body. This infinite flow consistently brings athletes and performers to their ideal Alpha brainwave state for superior performances. This nerve work and brain coordination entrainment to develop performance is the essence of ATHLETICISM.

In addition to Justin being blessed with an exceptional mentor who was one of the foremost pioneers in Sports Performance, Justin has the innate gifts of developing human performance and seeing things others don't. He has the gifts of intuition and healing to facilitate in optimizing nerve health for injury prevention, recovery, and performance. His sensory nerve treatments for vision and spatial awareness double as concussion protocol. He is known for facilitating getting sports concussions back faster than ever.

Justin is one of the only Performance Coaches in the country doing hands-on nerve treatments for performance. These treatments called, Athleticism Neuro Stacking, quantifiably get your motor nerves to fire faster equating to about a 20% increased strength instantly. The Primal Reflex Release Techniques rid pain and stiffness. The assisted stretching sessions are your warm-up, recovery, and a new lease on life and anyone's career. Sound, light, and frequency are his go-to modalities. You will find more in-depth information in his ATHLETICISM Whole Body + Whole Brain = Performance book. Every component, product, exercise, protocol has been proven and is so thought out at the deepest level to build upon a solid, aware foundation. It is fun, challenging, and feeds your soul.

In this compelling episode, I dive into the world of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) alongside Justin Frandson, an esteemed expert in athletic performance and the founder of EMF Rocks.

In this episode, weight management expert Narado Zeco Powell interviews Justin Frandson, an expert in EMFs and athletic performance. They discuss the link between athletic performance and the environment, specifically how EMFs impact health and performance.