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Our clinic is located in Newport Beach, the mecca for athletes. You will see athletes of all ages and levels coming in for Nerve Treatments for sports performance. We call it ATHLETICISM Neuro Stacking. This stacking of the nervous systems and all muscles involved quantifiably gets athletes stable, out of discomfort and about 20% stronger instantly.

The Bridge Training is where we do more stretching, strengthening, and joint stability exercises. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Most of the time the joints are the weak links. We pride ourselves on stabilizing the athlete. When an athlete is stable, they will be faster and are less likely to get injured.

The ATHLETICISM Sports Performance is the track based speed & movement system our program is based on. Running, skipping, bounding, shuffling, change of direction with intelligence. Your speed, power, jumping, and eccentric change of direction will be the most explosive you've ever experienced. You will learn how to warm-up properly with stretching and balance exercises. You will learn how to run and use proper footwork for your sport. You will develop ambidexterity through our Whole Brain exercises. All this and more to add a new dimension to your game.

Brain entrainment through sound therapy facilitates our clients getting in those low and slow brainwave states that are optimal for creating, visualizing, and performance. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions can transcend time, so replaying your perfect game over and over is part of the performance. Your body does not know the difference between memory, reality, and imagination so we can create our desired outcome with consistent brain entrainment. We offer the most incredible full-body, immersive sonic resonance membership. Just 20 minutes a day on our VIBE sound bed will bring you in your optimal alpha and theta brainwave states. Sound therapy is so medicinal your entire body will relish the treatments. We have unlimited tracks written by a doctor including cell cleansing to rid inflammation, transformation, and abundance. Refresh your browser and create, just vibing with sound therapy.

All treatments and sessions are by appointment only.

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