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The ATHLETICISM Sports Performance is the track based speed & movement system, with a foundation of flexible, joint stability, and nerve health.

Our clinic is located in Costa Mesa, the mecca for athletes. You will see athletes of all ages and levels coming in for Nerve Treatments for sports performance. We call it ATHLETICISM Neuro Stacking. This stacking of the nervous systems and all muscles involved quantifiably gets athletes stable, out of discomfort and about 20% stronger instantly.

The Bridge Training is where we do more stretching, strengthening, fascia and joint stability exercises. You are only as strong as your weakest link. Most of the time the joints are the weak links. We pride ourselves on stabilizing the athlete. When an athlete is stable, they will be faster and are less likely to get injured.

ATHLETICISM Sports Performance is a speed program unlike any other to get fast results. Running, skipping, bounding, shuffling, change of direction with intelligence. Your speed, power, jumping, and eccentric change of direction will be the most explosive you've ever experienced. You will learn how to warm-up properly with stretching, fascia and balance exercises. You will learn how to move explosively and more coordinated for your sport. You will develop ambidexterity through our Whole Brain exercises. All this and more to add a new dimension to your game.

Every exercise works to get the athlete in the flow state. Brain entrainment through sound therapy is another tool we use to facilitate our clients getting in those low and slow brainwave states. Are you looking for an eye-speed and recognition program? Our concussion nerve program couples as one of the best sensory, cranial nerve treatments for incredible results. Our 25 plus years of working with many of the best athletes in the world, in multiple sports, allow us to have the most robust performance program in the country and get quantifiable results.

All treatments and sessions are by appointment only.

Lower Body

Nerve Work For Performance (Treatments)

Nerve Restoration
Primal Reflex Release Pain Techniques
Muscle Lengthening Techniques
Light Therapy
Emotional Clearings

Cranial Nerves

Our nerve program offers one of the fastest ways to heal a sports concussion. Simply put, when there is a head trauma, the body does not know the level and center. We reset those nerves instantly. We offer one of the fastest and most comprehensive approaches to facilitating the healing of a sports concussion. If it is a fresh injury or chronic, our protocol works quickly. There is no reason to wait. If your symptoms keep getting worse, we can reset it instantly.

  • Nerve Work for Performance (Treatments)
  • Vision & spatial awareness
    Concussion Treatments

"Thanks for taking me to the next level."

John Mallinger, Former PGA

"Thanks for the hard work and dedication. I got better in my overall balance, coordination, agility and flexibility. I accomplished my goal this winter."

Adrian Gonzalez
Former MLB"

"Thanks for taking my training to the next level! Your friend!'

Dustin Penner
Former NHL