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Strophanthus Plant Medicine

Over a three months supply! 100 Capsules

For a healthy heart, Dr. Tom Cowan recommends taking 1 capsule per day.

Native Africans referred to the Strophanthus plant medicine as "The Gift From Paradise." Strophanthus (through its active ingredient, Ouabain) has been used successfully for centuries to support heart function and improve the parasympathetic nervous system, resulting in improved heart function, increased stamina, better sleep, less anxiety, and an overall sense of well-being. Recent studies have shown results in Strophanthus' (Oaubain's) potential role as the most effective senolytic (anti-aging) agent and a potent "anti-viral," or more accurately, a powerful treatment to support and protect our tissues, helping them to use oxygen more efficiently. Through Tom Cowan's incredible voice and years of hands-on experience with Strophanthus, we are thrilled to introduce this valuable medicine to you and your loved ones.

Strophanthus is often referred to as "the insulin of the heart."

With virtually no adverse side effects reported from recommended use (contrary to many commonly used FDA-approved pharmaceuticals), former MD Tom Cowan has successfully used Strophanthus for decades with his patients, as have many other healthcare practitioners throughout the world.

Historically, the primary use of Strophanthus seed extracts and its "active" ingredient, Ouabain, has been to support heart function. People have experienced less chest pain; their cardiac function as measured by the ejection fraction has improved; and their BNP levels, a marker of congestive heart failure, have normalized. We describe several of these cases in detail towards the end of this page.

We added Strophanthus to our selection of products because of Tom Cowan's (former MD's) recommendation. His patients have experienced remarkable results. This is your new go-to herb for anyone over 35 or having heart challenges. It also helps regulate blood sugar.

"I have seen and taken so many supplements for all the other organs, but the heart is one that was more often missed. Now we have Strophanthus."

Justin Frandson

Additionally, because Strophanthus seed extracts have a tonifying effect on the parasympathetic nervous system, many people using our Strophanthus seed extracts report an overall sense of well-being, better sleep, and less anxiety. Strophanthus seed extracts catalyze the conversion of the metabolic toxin lactic acid into the vital nutrient pyruvate. This conversion means that people using Strophanthus seed extracts have improved metabolic efficiency, a critical factor in many chronic diseases.

Furthermore, Tom Cowan has received virtually no reports of untoward effects after many years of use. One can easily see why native Africans referred to this plant medicine as "The Gift from Paradise."

Two new uses for Ouabain have come to our attention in the past few years. The first use was described in an article1 that found that Ouabain is the most effective senolytic agent these researchers had discovered. A senolytic agent is a substance that prevents the formation of senescent cells in the body. Senescent cells are formed when the tissue is old, poisoned, or sick from any cause. In essence, a senescent cell is dying and becoming dysfunctional. Current research is focused on protecting the tissues from this death spiral, and the marker for this protection is the reduction of the formation of these senescent cells. It appears that Strophanthus seed extracts are perhaps one of nature's primary ways of staving off this senescent process.

The other use for Strophanthus/Ouabain seed extracts is suggested by article2, which refers to Ouabain as an "anti-viral." As we now know, viruses have not been found to be pathogens, so what is the sense of using an "anti-viral?" The article points out that Ouabain does not kill viruses; instead, it protects the tissues, helping them to use oxygen more efficiently. Then, one sees that the tissues don't break down into the pieces of genetic debris we mistakenly call viruses. To a researcher stuck in the old thinking mold, this phenomenon appears to be an "anti-viral" effect. The reality is that Ouabain protects our tissues and cells; they are more resistant to dying, and the organism remains healthier.

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The three extracts are made from wild-harvested Strophanthus seeds obtained from Cameroon.

The therapeutic capsules are ground with a few inert excipients, and the extract is soaked in alcohol and filtered. The usual dose for general support as described above is 1 (one) capsule opened and sprinkled in the mouth once or twice a day. Let the powder dissolve in the mouth for one minute before swallowing. Start with one pill a day for one week and use a maximum of two capsules a day unless otherwise told by your practitioner.

For more information about the beneficial effects of Strophanthus on the heart, please read Dr. Cowan's book Human Heart, Cosmic Heart or check out the articles in the News section of this website.