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The Bridge Podcast - Awake TV Network with Guest Justin Frandson

  • 1 min read

Kumara Llanera and Michael Kraus asked me to speak on EMF, water and everything in between. This was one of the most soulful talks.

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EMF de-structures water. We need water to have a linear structure for us to absorb it. This man-made EMF is dehydrating us and our planet. There are no airplane modes or sleep modes for cell sites and SMART Meters. They just keep using copious amounts of electricity to power up 24/7.

Electric cars, planes, solar and more big electric batterie operated things are not the best for us or our environment. When the juice goes lower, the batterie still weighs the same amount and does not get more efficient. We are still mining coal in other countries. Cadmium is used in the batteries. These all have relatively short life spans and we are left with acid in our landfills. Awareness is the biggest part of using resources properly.

Our Grounding Bags help keep our waters structure and keep us with our proper negative ionic charge. Make sure the water you are drinking is from a pure source full of minerals. Remember our body, like planet earth, is comprised of mostly water. This makes us a perfect conductor for EMF. The best answer is to get Grounded By Nature, yes in nature and with our Grounding Bags.