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The Toxic "Electric" World We Live In

  • 2 min read

The meeting covered a wide range of topics related to health and wellness, with a particular focus on the impact of technology and environmental stressors on human health. Justin Frandson, a guest speaker, initiated discussions on topics such as EMF, wellness, and the impact of technology on health. The participants explored the potential health risks associated with man-made electromagnetic fields and their differential absorption by various parts of the human body. They also discussed the importance of grounding by nature and the use of crystals for EMF protection.

The conversation also touched on the vital role of nature in recharging and eliminating environmental factors. Justin Frandson stressed the significance of hydration and nutrition, particularly diatomaceous earth and Irish sea moss, in rehydrating the body and facilitating cleansing. The participants explored the concept of the immune system as a balance of positive and negative ions, emphasizing the need for coherence both internally and externally for long-term health and vitality. They also discussed the future of healthcare and the need for a shift towards holistic approaches, emphasizing the impact of environmental factors on well-being.

The meeting also covered topics related to personal experiences and product recommendations. Justin Frandson shared details about his work and how the audience can connect with him to obtain Grounding Bags and follow his content on social media. The participants also discussed potential collaborations for podcasts and plans to connect with influential individuals in podcasting and product sourcing. Additionally, they explored the impact of technology and environmental stressors on children's health, expressing concerns about the increasing prevalence of ADD, ADHD, and autism in children, attributing it to excessive screen time and lack of outdoor activities.


Nicole Michelena, Megan Michelena

The Zenchronicity Podcast is co-hosted by sisters Nicole and Megan Michelena, known as the Zenchronicity Sisters. They are psychedelic medicine experts and the founders of microdosing mentorship program Zenchronicity, based in Denver, Colorado. This show focuses on hot topics including spirituality, plant medicine, trauma healing, meditation, energy healing, astrology, and much more. In each episode, Nicole and Megan share their in-depth knowledge, and they speak with experts and thought-leaders from around the world.

Nicole and Megan Michelena are Microdosing Institute certified mental health experts who specialize in trauma healing through plant medicine. The Zenchronicity Podcast has been featured in Forbes, 303 Magazine, and Yahoo!