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Applied Kinesiology To Re-Charge Your Body

  • 2 min read
Better known as Muscle Testing, Applied Kinesiology is an incredible gateway to communicating with your body. Here is how it works. Your nervous system has primal reflexes that can be tested to see how your body responds to something. If your muscles test strong, your body will do well with it. When the body goes weak, whatever you are testing is not optimal for you at that moment. This is a practice employed by thousands of doctors throughout the country.

There is a popular system called Tapping to help with clearing these reflexes and holding patterns in your body. In that system, you tap your body in various locations. We use our Grounding Bags with this similar concept of tapping to help recharge your body on your own. The only difference is we tap on the Grounding Bag. And a practitioner could muscle test you before and after to show you going from weak to strong.

There are four primary areas that get de-charged from man-made EMF, They are your eyes, teeth, Thymus (upper chest, lower neck) and small intestines (below the belly button. When you do our tapping to re-charge your body, you place the Grounding Bag on your lap and tap on the Grounding Bag, while the other hand covers each of those areas, one at a time, for about 20 seconds each. You just tap, cover the area and breathe. Most feel a surge of energy, often 10Xing their energy.

This tapping on the Grounding Bag does several things. It recharges your body, by pulling the electrons out of the negatively ionic charge of the crystals. This is the same as earthing or grounding. The earth has a negative ionic charge (the Schumman Resonance) and feeding our bodies with it helps your body fend off the polarizing, positive charges of man-made EMF.

The other big part is tapping the Grounding Bag helps clear your energy field. Through Kirlian photography, we know that our bodies have a resonance or energy field around us. You can see it. Bruce Lipton shares that the health of our body comes from our energy field, not all from our genes. The resonance of the Grounding Bag and those pure, hand-mined crystals inside kick off such an incredible frequency it helps clear your bio field. When your bio field clears, so does your body.

Combining both tapping benefits of recharging and clearing your energy field make this one of the best external flushes you could ever do on your own. Please let us know how it helps you get grounded by nature.