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The ATHLETICISM Sports Performance is the track based speed & movement system, with a foundation of flexible, joint stability, and nerve health.


Revitin Natural Toothpaste Single Tube

Revitin is the first prebiotic toothpaste that contains essential vitamins and minerals for healthy teeth and gums, fresher breath, and a happy smile. This is the cleanest toothpaste you will find that restores your teeth and gums. We recommend brushing and spitting it out, but it is so pure you can swallow it. Want to rid those unhealthy gums that lead to bad breath, this is your new favorite toothpaste.

We like it because we feel strongly about the dentist, Dr. Gerry Curtola, who formulated it. He is leading dentistry with the aware approach of no titanium, fluoride, or BPA. His Revitin is designed to maintain healthy bacteria to restore your teeth and gums, not kill all the good and bad.

Use zirconia (ceramic) implants over any metal or titanium if you need surgery. Your long-term health will thank you. Brush with Revitin, and you will continue that healthy oral hygiene, leading to a healthier body.