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The ATHLETICISM Sports Performance is the track based speed & movement system, with a foundation of flexible, joint stability, and nerve health.

Take Your Energy, Speed, and Coordination to a New Dimension

Love It Water

Love It Water Dispenser

For anyone that has home water dispenser units with Arrowhead, Sparklets, or others, you unscrew their tap and screw this unit into it. 

The water dispenses out and goes through spheres organized to create a flow of the Fibonacci sequence. This flow structures your water. It may take one extra second to go through the Love It Water unit, but for taste and optimal hydration, it is well worth it.

"Justin Frandson IS THE MAN! From a health perspective both physically and philosophically he stands in integrity where his mind, his heart and his gut are aligned literally and figuratively! This is a must read for all."

Troy Casey, AKA, Certified Health Nut - Author of: #Ripped At 50


The book is riddled with story-telling of actual in-the-trench experiences of their past athletes and teams. Maybe the most underrated portion, Awareness covers everything from intake fuel, hydration, semantics, ridding stressors, sleep, visualization, routines, emotional holding patterns, detoxing, nerve health, the infinite potential inside us and more.

Whole Body Exercises

The Whole Body Section teaches protcols with progression of speed, power, strength, Olympic Lifting for Sport, Kettlebells, stretching and balance. He even includes breathwork, braintyping and coordination development. The figure 8 movement systems and rythms of the speed drills are the most cutting edge techniques for athletic development.

Whole Brain Exercises

Everyone wants to read the last section on Whole Brain Exercises. We offer one of the only ambidexterity programs in the country. This section is where we dive into more next level eye-hand coordination. Yes you will learn how to juggle and do unlimited whole brain exercises. Synthesizing all the sections together is when your new found Athleticism will shine.