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Wy Clay Toothpaste

Your teeth will feel like you just got them professionally cleaned, guaranteed.

Your enamel will thank you for the natural minerals. Watch it return to your teeth too polished, clean white. Get ready for happy, healthy, clean gums, fresh breath, and white teeth!

This is the least amount of the best ingredients ever. No one has seen it before now because they have never been able to mine a clay mineral this nutrient-dense.

Just one brushing and your teeth will feel like you cleaned them professionally. It's guaranteed!

When was the last time your dentist gave your teeth and gums a good checkup?

Our toothpaste is only crystals, water and essential oil. There are no preservatives. This means that you it is only a 21-27 day supply. Plus if it is not used and resealed daily, algae will grow on the surface. Similar to guacamole after a day, you scrape the top and under is good. It is algae, not mold that will grow, so it is still safe to use. We do our best to share that this is the cleanest toothpaste and that is what happens when you mix water with it over time. We also make each batch to order so it lasts as long as possible for you.

Wy gives your teeth and gums the minerals they need.

This is the best toothpaste you have ever used with only three ingredients: 85% Pure Hand-Mined Pink Montmorillonite, Organic Spearmint essential oil, and distilled water.

Pink Montmorillonite is the purest form of Bentonite Clay. Our clay is over 85% pure Pink Montmorillonite. Bentonite is 8-30% of Montmorillonite. Others wish they had the purest form of Pink Montmorillonite. This means more minerals for your teeth, gums, and gut. Our crystals are hand-mined in the western US. We are Hand-Mined in the USA.

To all the dentists making so much money off poor dental hygiene, with bad toothpaste, you will now not need to see your patience as often.

A healthy mouth biome leads to overall health. Your teeth are truly your gateway to health.

There is no need to worry about germs. You can double-dip your toothbrush without worry. We are in the bioterrain camp over germ theory. Any individual or family double dips will not grow mold, and we feel is beneficial for your health and immune system.

We love Revitin and Dr. Gerry, who taught us that peppermint kills the enamel. This is why we offer spearmint. Ideally, we use both Revitin and our toothpaste to allow our body to have a diverse mouth biome. We will switch if we ever run out of one and then reorder.

The naturally mineral-rich Pink Montmorillonite and spearmint will leave your teeth cleaner and stronger.

  • Wy, because it is pure, hand-mined, mineral clay toothpaste.
  • Wy, because your teeth and gums love it.
  • Wy, because it is the best thing to put in your mouth.
  • Wy, because dentists want to rebuild the enamel.
  • Wy, because the enamel is what keeps your teeth white
  • Wy, because you do not need fluoride, nor should you ever have it.
  • Wy, because it gives you a reason to smile.
  • Wy, because your teeth are your gateway to health.
  • Wy, because you deserve to unlearn what the medical world has taught us about dental hygiene.

We won't tell you to swallow your toothpaste, but many doctors have seen benefits with improved gut biome from Pink Montmorillonite. It is an amazing chelator and binder when used with proper guidance. Literally, if you can't swallow something, why would it be okay to put it in your mouth? This is another reason that WY CLAY TOOTHPASTE will be your new favorite.

We hand-mine crystals for our Grounding Bags to help you sleep and coexist with electricity and wireless radiation. From our adjacent mine, we hand-mine these same crystals to provide your teeth the necessary minerals for health. Teeth will feel cleaner and look naturally white.

Choose between Citrus and Spearmint. We love both and mix between the two of them. The dental world has been looking for something natural that works. Now we have it. We are so excited for you to go back to your dentist and have him say, "What did you do differently to your teeth? They are so healthy?"

Wy Toothpaste will be your newest obsession. Enjoy your new toothpaste and monthly subscription.