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The ATHLETICISM Sports Performance is the track based speed & movement system, with a foundation of flexible, joint stability, and nerve health.

Fat Burning, Get Shredded, Brain Fuel


Lean Oil™ MCT Palm Kernel Oil

  • This is the purest, sustainably sourced form of Palm MCT Oil directly from Malaysia.

    The source, the distillation, the quality, everything about LEAN OIL will make it your newest obsession. It is 10X better and more bio-available than coconut MCT. This means that we have seen results far surpassing the other popular brands. Since our cells are 50% oil, we need plant oil in our bodies. One teaspoon of LEAN OIL in the morning and evening, slowly absorbed through your saliva is a game-changer. Lean Oil is sustainably sourced and will be your newest obsession.

    Yes, the taste is so pure, you can add it to your coffee or salad dressing.

    We prefer to slow drip it into your body through your salivary glands by pooling it in your mouth until it is gone. This slow ingestion from your saliva, allows your body to absorb it more efficiently for optimal utilization. All we hear in the testimonials is how it suppresses your appetite, so the stomach hunger does not occur all day, until about 4 or 4:30 pm. In turn, the excess weight disappears and lean body mass improves. Many say they just get ripped.

    It is known that proper plant oil buffers your body from insulin spikes. Brain function, memory, and energy are optimized. When you burn sustained, medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) fat as fuel, your body comes alive with cholesterol and blood sugar levels normalizing.

    We equate it to burning a fire with a log versus paper. The paper is equated to burning sugar as fast fuel, where you just keep needing to add more. A log is a more sustained, consistent run, equivalent to burning fat as fuel. Our Malaysia location offers nutrient-dense soil and pristine weather for the purest form of MCT. Please take before and after pictures, because in as little as three months, the results are so fun to follow.

Burn Fat as Fuel

The ultimate MCT Palm oil to burn fat as fuel for sustained energy and weight loss. This is 10X the benefits of coconut MCT oil. Palm has the ideal Multi-Chain Triglyceride natural makeup to support your goals. We source our Palm Oil from sustainable, Non-GMO regions.

This Palm Oil is known to slow your brain from oxidizing, avoiding future circulation challenges that show up in memory loss or Alzheimer's.

Distilled One Drip at a Time

See your appetite drop, your unwanted weight shed, and watch your body get ripped. Burning Fat As Fuel is the same as Burning a Log on a Fire. Burning Sugar is like Burning the Fire with Paper. It is a more consistent, sustained energy source. This is the purest Palm MCT Oil in every way!