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Faraday Bag Bundle Set of 8

Buy 8 Faraday Bag for the price of 7!

This is an 8"x 8" military-grade Faraday Bag. Put your phone in it to protect you from the invisible, polarizing 4G & 5G millimeter waves of your phone. Many say this is their favorite product.

The Faraday Bag will drop the EMF levels of your phone to what BioInitiative considers safe. There is a Physics component to it where frequencies go in and out of it, as it is only a 7mm bag, not an iron-clad cage. You can put more than one phone, remote control, or FOB for your car.

Put it in the Faraday Bag if you need to sleep with your phone on. It will quiet the invisible polarized waves to allow you to sleep better. Due to the increased signal strength of the cell phones, the phone most likely will still ring with it inside, and your alarm will still go off and be heard. Doubling up the Faraday Bags will prevent it from ringing, and your location will not show up on the map or be delayed at least 10 minutes.

You can even use the Faraday Bag during the day. The fewer man-made signals around you, the better. So put your phone in the Faraday Bag when you are not using it.

It is also ideal to use when carrying your phone in your purse or backpack. For those that are attached to their phone, this is the best gift.