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Here are things you should know about Man-Made EMF

Deep Sleep Grounding Bag

We looked to nature to solve the challenge of man-made EMF radiation and 5G affecting our health and sleep.

Your new Grounding Bags are used as-is to repel EMF, ground, and recharge you for a deeper, uninterrupted night's sleep. Just put one on or under your bed for deeper REM sleep and more lucid dreams.

This Grounding Bag contains the healing pulse of the earth. It is filled with about 1lb. of hand-mined, pink Tesla Crystals that have moisture and magnetic properties to convert the man-made waveforms into something our bodies accept and benefit from being near.

You will not find these magnetic colloid crystals sold anywhere else except at our doctor clinics throughout the country. The purity of the crystals that we hand-mine and how we deploy them make them exponentially more beneficial than other known crystals that have magnetic properties like shungite or amethyst. Please keep the bags sealed, and use them as-is, so the crystals do not dry out and lose their moisture content.

We double seal them, so they should last for 2-10 years or more, depending on how you take care of them; keep them sealed, out of extreme heat and water. They have the most incredible medicinal qualities when they are in rock form.
This is not a man-made device attempting to keep up with man-made signals. This is nature's way of protecting us with essentially the Schumann resonance in a bag.

The more bags in your home or office, the better. In addition to one Grounding Bag on your bed, desk, or car, we recommend putting 5 Grounding Bags / 2000sf. Placing them on your bathroom tile floor is best. Even though the tile is a better conductor than wood or carpet, the Grounding Bag will work on all surfaces. We also recommend putting one Grounding Bag on or under your bed or close to an injury or challenging area.

As the Internet of Things grid grows and rolls out more satellites beaming us with millimeter waves, carrying one bag wherever you go is optimal. The closer this Grounding Bag is to your body, the stronger your protection and healing capacity. We pull the electrons from the negative ionic charge to facilitate healing and recharge you. This is just how Mother Nature designed it to work. It complements all our other products and is now a necessity to have in your home, car, or office.

We deploy it in an inner brown bag that is hot sealed to preserve the moisture and magnetic properties. We then put it inside a static silver bag to double seal it. Frequencies do go in and out of the static bag. When you place a negative charge inside the static bag, it amplifies it. We then put it in an outer, decorative cloth. Use it as-is, keeping it sealed. There is no need to open it. Just put it on your bed or desk for amazing results and knockout medicinal powers.

There is no better gift than giving someone a deeper, uninterrupted, full night of sleep. If you were only to purchase one product, this is the one.

Buy 10 Grounding Bags Get 1 FREE

"The Grounding Bag is like walking barefoot in a bag."

Justin Frandson, Founder of

Man-made EMF has a positive ionic charge. This positive charge is the opposite of ours and de-charges our eyes, teeth, thymus, and large intestine. The earth, ocean, and humans have a negative ionic charge. To use the Grounding Bags to recharge your body, place one hand on the area (eyes) while the other taps the Grounding Bag. It is an Applied Kinesiology technique to recharge that area. It will 10X most people's energy within one minute.

How are they Superior?

Moisture compressed Tesla Crystals
Hand-mined hot sealed to preserve the integrity
Natural earth resonance


Improve Cognitive Capacity & Well-Being
Reduce Stress, Inflammation & Degeneration

"EMF Rocks is an innovative solution."

Dr. Tom Cowan

"It should be no surprise to anyone that natural protection from man-made electromagnetic fields would come from the earth itself. EMF Rocks is an innovative solution, using natural crystals found in the earth to help protect ourselves from the harmful effects of EMF exposure. I use them in my house, office, car and everywhere I go."