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Soil Force White Montmorillonite

This is the purest form of White Montmorillonite found to make your soil the most nutrient-dense.

You can use just a little at the base of every fruit tree or plant. It can also be mixed in the bed of soil in your vegetable garden to cover a larger area. Yes, you can also mesh the White Montmorillonite up and water you grow with it. Even the most nutrient-rich, biodynamic methods will see healthier growth. When your growth is healthy, it naturally fends off the bugs so there is no need for added pesticides or herbicides. Your plants get the nutrients from the soil.

Soil Force will give your soil the exact minerals your grows have been searching to find.

White Montmorillonite has been the secret element of successful growers for centuries.

Our Soil Force is organic, as it is hand-mined from the most special mine, with nothing added. It is a crystal rock clay. When you put it at the base of the plant, it will slowly drip absorb. It may even look clay-like as water starts to break it down. A little goes a long way.

For all you scientists looking for the proper soil pH, here is the element formula for Montmorillonite. (Na,Ca)0.33(Al, Mg)2(Si4O10)(OH)2 · nH2O