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Nutronics Labs IGF-1 Plus with Longjack

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Are you looking for the most powerful, pure Deer Antler?

You have just found it. Yes, this is the brand that in 2014 was banned from the NFL. When you have an animal product from the velvet stage when the antlers re-grow, those are natural growth factors, same as you would find in mother’s milk. Nutronics Labs sources the purest deer antler from New Zealand, add herbs like Longjack and increases the frequency of blend with frequency machines. This amplifies the positive effects of blood flow, joint nutrients, building lean muscle, and boosting energy. We sell this brand because there is nothing synthetic or illegal in this product, only all-natural ingredients for performance.

Patented Liposome Delivery System with 98% absorption

They also have a patented Liposome Delivery System with 98% absorption. This allows for faster delivery with a longer duration of nutrient action. The limo gastric delivery system uses nanoparticles that are delivered into the bloodstream more rapidly for optimal absorption and utilization. The liver can easily process it allowing for the 98% absorption to provide you incredible results. This is a quality 25,000 nanogram deer antler.

Get Ripped

IGF1 is the growth factor that allows you to get ripped. When you can train more efficiently, build lean muscle, speed up the recovery time, your body will show you incredible results. The bottle recommends 6 sprays per day under your tongue. Keep it under your tongue for about 20 seconds before swallowing to allow your saliva to help absorb it. They nailed it with the proper ratio of all the ingredients.